Summer Programs





The district provides a summer playground program for all resident children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The program is conducted weekdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Playground programs are offered at two elementary schools each summer and are staffed by teachers and college and high school students. Activities include trips, sports and an arts and crafts program. Activities are conducted outdoors, weather permitting, and indoors on rainy days.  Private and parochial school resident students are invited.

The summer playground program is in full swing! Below are a few reminders for parents/guardians for a successful summer:

  • On rainy days pickup and drop off will be in the gym.
  • Be certain to pay for field trip events and to submit permissions to the head counselors before the actual field trip. Payments should be made in cash. For example, if an event is listed as $10, $9.00 is for the event and $1.00 is the fee toward the cost of the bus.
  • Be certain that campers have a snack and water every day.


REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Registration forms are available here: (English) (Español). Early registration dates, times and locations will be publicized in late May. A registration fee is charged for the program, but an additional fee will be charged for late registrants.

Those 8th graders at South Middle School who are interested in becoming volunteers at the Lynbrook Summer Playground are to report to room 112 on Thursday, May 30th at dismissal for information and an application.

Those 8th graders at North Middle School who are interested in becoming volunteers at the Lynbrook Summer Playground are to report to the GP room on Wednesday, May 29th at dismissal for information and an application.



GOALS AND COURSES: Academic classes are offered in math, science, social studies and English for sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders. For sixth-graders, reading is available in lieu of English. Reading, writing and math are offered for fifth-graders. 


SCHOOL POLICY CONCERNING SEVENTH-& EIGHTH-GRADERS: Any seventh- or eighth-grader failing three or more major subjects (English, math, social studies, science) will not be promoted.  A student failing one OR two of these subjects will be required to attend summer school and achieve a final grade of 65 percent. Mandatory: Students may not be absent more than four times. All classes will be academic in nature, with homework assignments, tests, quizzes and progress reports.


REGISTRATION: Fifth-, sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students residing in the Lynbrook Union Free School District are eligible for the program. Admission is voluntary, based on parental and/or teacher recommendation. There is no fee. Classes are usually held at North Middle School from 8:10 to 11:25 AM, Monday through Thursday.


Each summer, the Lynbrook UFSD provides a three-week opportunity for middle school students interested in pursuing topics related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). The courses include high interest projects in robotics, 3-D art and design, science exploration and video game design. Application forms are available in May for interested families.



This program, held at Lynbrook Senior High School Gym, is open to Lynbrook students entering grades 9-12 and graduated seniors. The program runs six weeks during the summer, from Monday through Thursday, from 6:00 to 9:30 PM. Students may participate in basketball, volleyball, weightlifting and more.



PURPOSE: The summer high school program is designed to serve students who have failed courses during the regular school year and desire to raise their scholastic standing. In addition to the regular summer school program, the district has instituted a one-week Regents Prep class.  Information on this class will be available at registration.


STUDENTS ELIGIBLE TO ATTEND SUMMER HIGH SCHOOL: Resident students who are enrolled in grades 9 through 12 during the school year in public, private or parochial school are eligible to register for summer school.  Enrollment of nonresident students will be limited to filling vacancies that exist after district students have registered.



  • Personal registration is required. No phone or mail registration is permitted.
  • Students desiring to register must present written approval of their home school principal or his or her deputy. They must also have proper proof of inoculation.
  • Students are permitted to take only two subjects.
  • Any subject listed will be offered only if 10 or more students register.


SUMMER SCHOOL FEES: Nonresident students are required to pay a tuition fee per subject. Full registration and tuition payments must be paid by cash (no checks accepted) at registration time. A resident student is defined as living within the boundaries of the Lynbrook Union Free School District.