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Creating a “Whirled” of Peace

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The sun shined down on Marion Street Elementary School as students, faculty, members of central administration and families gathered to celebrate International Day of Peace with a Pinwheels for Peace ceremony on Sept. 21. Coordinated by music teacher Kara Boulay and art teacher Patricia Wierzbicki, each student in the school colored a pinwheel, 450 total, which were then assembled by teachers and staff members. 

The students carried their pinwheels outside for the special ceremony and stood around the school’s Peace Pole. Principal Theresa Macchia opened the event by thanking everyone for joining in celebration and spoke about the significance of the day which is recognized around the world to acknowledge the power of peace. 

On the front steps of the school, Mrs. Macchia read the book “Imagine” by John Lennon, sharing words of world peace. Following the reading, Ms. Boulay led the students in song as they performed “A Million Dreams” from the film, “The Greatest Showman.” The students then placed their colorful pinwheels in the ground together. 
“They will blow in the wind to remind all of us that we are dreamers and that we do want the world to be a better place,” said Mrs. Macchia. 

SOEC Garden at Marion Street

Summer is about being with family and enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Marion Street Schools outdoor classroom gave families a chance to do that . Thanks to a strong school/family partnership the Sympson Outdoor Environmental Classroom was ready for a summer planting and harvest. This past Spring two fathers: Mr. Grenier and Mr. Demarco volunteered their time and talent to fix up the deteriorating wood. Mrs. Perna donated soil, fertilizer, and the garden necessities while the PTA donated their efforts on providing the garden with seeds, plants and hay. The district pitched in as well by helping to provide that ample water was available. many former students of Marion Street also donated their tie to help to weed and mulch. This strong school community effort created a garden that families could enjoy together while harvesting organic and fresh produce all summer.