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Traveling Through History

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Lynbrook North Middle School eighth-graders in Neil Farina and Christopher Balas’ American History class journeyed back in time to the Reconstruction Era during class on Sept. 25. The class participated in a carousel lesson where students collaborated as a group and traveled to four stations, writing facts about the time period for their upcoming exam. Stations included “Early Reconstruction,” “Radicals Take Over,” “The South Reigns Control” and “Life in the New South.” 

The interactive lesson allowed each group to conduct research using their tablets and then use a different color dry erase marker to display their answers at each station. The class then gathered back together as a class to review the facts. Mr. Farina and Mr. Balas helped the students by reinforcing the concepts as the eighth-graders used their tablets to take notes. 

Middle School Family Book Talk

We are planning a Middle School Family Book Talk and are hoping that many of our Middle School parents and students will want to take part. Please click on the following link: Family Book Talk Survey to find out more about our family book talk and complete a quick survey. We are looking forward to reading, talking and learning together as one big middle school family.


Summer Learning Prepares Students for New Year

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Students throughout the district who participate in summer school classes are preparing for the new school year by enhancing their skills in the classroom. With the help of supportive teachers and small class sizes, the instruction allows students to master specific areas of coursework.

The district offers high school courses in English Language Arts, algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry, global studies, social studies, chemistry, earth science and living environment. Students may also attend review courses for all Regents exams. The high school program also attracts many students from neighboring districts, generating revenue for the district.

At the middle school level, summer school helps students hone their skills in the areas of reading, writing, math, science and social studies. The program allows for individualized instruction to support each student’s needs.