Board of Education Goals

2021-2022 Board of Education Goals

  1. BOE Goal: Effectively use federal funding to support instructional programs which focus of reading and learning preparedness.
    a. Create a summer program targeted at supporting students in need.
    b. Review the current reading program and identify potential gaps and make necessary recommendations for program acquisition.

  2. BOE Goal: Monitor the transition as students return to full, in-person schooling following the COVID-19 disruption.


    a. Progress monitor K-8 students throughout the year and adjust support mechanisms where needed.
    b. Monitor 9-12 student progress toward fulfilling graduation requirements.
    c. Assess mental health status of students and provide support where needed.

  3. BOE Goal: Increase efforts to provide professional development for staff necessary to support the whole child including: SEL, special education, cultural-responsive classrooms and reading.


    a. Build staff capacity to identified in the areas noted in the goal.