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Principal: Dr. Cindy S. Lee
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Dear West End Families,

I am both excited and anxious to begin what will most definitely be a school year for the history books! This year our priorities are mental health, what is often referred to as SEL (social emotional learning), physical health (mitigating the spread of COVID-19), and instruction. Our students will engage in either remote (green) or in person (gold) instruction. So much has happened since we last saw one another in March, and when you enter the building this year, it will look very different.

Things that we used to do like sitting side by side, sharing classroom supplies, holding hands, and playing with gym equipment, we will no longer be able to do for now. In order to stay safe, we will have to socially distance ourselves at all times in all places in the building. Just because we have to be safe, doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! We will still try to have good old West End fun in new and safe ways!

It is important that you know that just because we have to wear a mask daily and give each other space to be safe, we are the same staff of Superstars who taught, loved, and cared for your children before COVID. My staff and I have been working day and night on daily operations and ask for your patience, flexibility and understanding as we determine the best ways to educate your children under these unique circumstances. Plans for daily operations are fluid and are subject to change for improvement, so look out for home connection communications often.

Remember that West End is the home of the Champions, and with a Champion’s mindset, success will always be an option, under any circumstance!

Looking forward to an interesting and unique year!

With warmest regards,

Dr. C. S. Lee

“The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it.”
John Ciardi

Current News

Reading Connects Lynbrook Students

Reading Connects Lynbrook Students Photo thumbnail182390

The PTAs of Marion Street, Waverly Park and West End elementary schools recently joined forces to create Lynbrook’s first unified Pick A Reading Partner celebration. With the chosen theme of “Reading Connects Us,” administrators, families, teachers and the community came together to make the week-long celebration of reading a success for both remote and in-person students.

All students were gifted the book “The Magnificent Makers #1: How to Test a Friendship” and enjoyed a virtual visit from the author Theanne Griffith. Students who finished the book were eligible to enter a contest to attend a special virtual author meet and greet. School librarians Meghan Ceglie, Heather LaBarbera and Marie Sarro-Pizarro also helped to arrange video read alouds which were recorded by Lynbrook administrators and shared with all classes.

In addition, students were able to extend their excitement for the book’s science theme by participating in a science dress up day at school. They were also encouraged to visit the East Rockaway and Lynbrook Public libraries to pick up science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) kits to build at home. Students who sent in photos of their PARP fun were entered to win gift card prizes from local Lynbrook businesses as well as the next books in the Magnificent Makers series.

West End Readers Embrace Women’s History Month

West End Readers Embrace Womens History Month Photo 1 thumbnail181916
West End Readers Embrace Womens History Month Photo 2 thumbnail181917
West End Elementary School reading specialists Debra Aronson and Melissa Kulikowsky recently celebrated Women’s History Month with their fourth and fifth grade students by collaborating and exploring specific influential women from history.

The West End students were first motivated by an EdPuzzle video of famous women in history and then selected a historic woman to research. The students picked women such as Coco Chanel, Jane Goodall, Frida Kahlo and more to explore. They focused on the background information of these women, such as details of their lives, famous quotes and momentous events. After finishing their research, the students decorated a biography pendant with important facts and information about their influential woman. They then shared what they had learned with their peers.

West End Students Celebrate Women’s History Month

West End Students Celebrate Women’s History Month photo thumbnail181428

Students throughout West End Elementary School kicked off Women’s History Month by exploring different influential women from the past. Classes heard nonfictional stories about specific women such as Harriet Tubman and Frida Kahlo, which was followed by reflective activities. Fourth and fifth graders created their own comic strips of a woman that they learned about. Using the website storyboardthat.com, they edited and placed characters, scenes and more. Through these unique lessons and activities, West End students learned that these diverse, resilient women are responsible for much of our society today.

West End Students Spread Kindness

West End Students Spread Kindness Photo 1 thumbnail181410
West End Students Spread Kindness Photo 2 thumbnail181411
West End Students Spread Kindness Photo 3 thumbnail181412
West End Students Spread Kindness Photo 4 thumbnail181413
Throughout the month of February, members of West End Elementary School’s Student Council raised $367 for the Ronald McDonald House Charities through their sale of $1 kindness grams. The kindness grams were displayed as a mural at the entrance of the school with student names on them and positive phrases such as “WHOOOOOO is proud to be KIND?,” “OWL Always be KIND!” and “It’s a real HOOT to be a West End CHAMPION!”

On March 4, the student council members, along with advisers Heather LaBarbera and Melissa Kulikowsky, had the honor of meeting with Devon Daniel, senior director of development for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, at their virtual student council meeting. Mr. Daniel explained the mission and purpose of the Ronald McDonald House Charities which strives to create, find and support programs to improve the health and well-being of sick children and their loved ones.

He also explained to the students how their donation will help keep the facilities clean, active and perfect for the families living there. After Mr. Daniel discussed the charities, the students acknowledged how amazing and kind it was. Mr. Daniel returned the praises by thanking the students for their generosity and kindness. It was an eye-opening experience for the West End Student Council who continue to make a difference not only in their school community, but for others beyond Lynbrook.

100 Days Smarter in Lynbrook

100 Days Smarter in Lynbrook photo thumbnail181243

Remote and in-person learners from the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center and Marion Street, Waverly Park and West End elementary schools recently marked the 100th day of school in fun and creative ways.

Students at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center wore homemade 100th day T-shirts and hats and participated in physical education activities related to the day with teacher Josh Berlin. Remote first graders from Marion Street Elementary School got creative by sharing a picture of themselves now and a picture of what they will look like when they turn 100 years old. In the classroom, Marion Street second graders in Amy Brennan’s class created their own original artwork inspired by the number 100.

The festivities continued at Waverly Park Elementary School where students in Jaclyn Miller’s third grade class created a colorful 100-link chain featuring 100 things that they learned and love in third grade. West End Elementary School first graders also engaged in classroom projects connected to the number 100 and dressed like 100-year-olds to mark the special occasion.

West End Students and Staff Share Words of Encouragement

Words of Encouragement Photo 1 thumbnail180817
Words of Encouragement Photo 2 thumbnail180818
West End students and staff are continuing to spread messages of encouragement and appreciation for healthcare workers during this global pandemic. Jackie McDougal, a teacher assistant at West End Elementary School, recently reached out to teachers and staff members to see if they would be interested in creating thank you cards for healthcare workers at North Shore University Hospital 4 - Monti Covid unit and the New York Presbyterian Oncology unit. Mrs. McDougal's two daughters, Kathryn and Allison, are healthcare workers at these hospitals and are also proud Lynbrook graduates. The response from the West End students and staff were overwhelming. Three classes created heartwarming thank you cards for the healthcare workers that were both beautiful and uplifting. Kathryn and Allison delivered them to their respective hospitals where the cards were immediately displayed on the walls. Staff members commented on how wonderful they made them feel. Great job, West End!

Students Have Winter Fun with Snowman Glyphs

Snowman Winter Lesson Photo 1 thumbnail180599
Snowman Winter Lesson Photo 2 thumbnail180600
Snowman Winter Lesson Photo 3 thumbnail180601
West End Elementary School second and third grade Math AIS classes created snowman glyphs to design winter themed symbolic representations showing the importance of numbers in their lives. Glyphs are pictures that communicate ideas and stories.

Each unique snowman’s different colored scarves, hats, buttons, noses, and eyes tells the story of the student who created it. The display of snowman glyphs includes a key to identify the meaning of each glyph. For example, the snowmen’s eye colors indicate the number of siblings the student who designed it has in his or her family. The styles and colors of the hats symbolize the months of the students’ birthdays. Using the glyph key, an observer can also learn how many, and which kind of pets each student has, how many syllables are in their names, or how they travel to school each day.

Many other interesting facts about some of the West End students can be uncovered by reading the glyphs on display outside the Math AIS classroom. Symbolically telling stories and using the key for clues to learn more about classmates was a great way for students to use critical thinking skills and have some winter themed fun!