west end photoWest End Elementary School

30 Clark Avenue
Lynbrook, NY, 11563
Main Office Telephone: 516-887-0288
School Nurse Telephone:

Principal: Dr. Cindy S. Lee
Elementary Curriculum Coordinator: Mrs. Allison Curran
Nurse: Mrs. Susan Deery
Principal's Secretary: Mrs. Patricia LaBarbera
Typist Clerk: Mrs. Carmen Venezian

School Year Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday
Summer Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday
All visitors must have an appointment to meet with staff in any school building. Please DO call ahead. Thank you!

Important Contact Information:
NYS Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-342-3720
NYS línea de abuso infantile: 1-800-342-3720
Medicaid Fraud Hotline: 516-612-5200




Welcome Back West End Families!

I am a very fortunate principal! Words cannot express how excited and eager I am to continue another year with you as principal of the fabulous West End Elementary School!  We are back to business and embarking on what I hope will be another amazing school year! 

At West End we strive to encourage, support, inspire, and challenge our students to become critical thinkers, and peacemakers. Pillars of character such as respect, kindness, honesty, responsibility, and cooperation are integrated into all aspects of our curriculum and school life. Our outstanding teachers and staff have spent countless hours beautifying classrooms and mapping out instruction and character education to ensure that our children have an unbelievable year.  We understand the importance of establishing an environment conducive to learning; a climate where students are able to reach their potential and attain academic success because they are supported socially, emotionally and intellectually.  Our students are our Champions and we are here to make sure they achieve their personal best each and every day.

I am so thankful and proud of the positive home/school connections that we have established over the year and hope that our partnership will continue to grow stronger.  I am happy to share that our PTA has worked all summer to plan a year chock full of cultural arts presentations and events for our children.

I am, once again, honored to be your principal! We have an amazing school filled with awesome children who are eager to learn and do the right thing.  It is truly an honor to work closely with such a dedicated community of educators and parents! I look forward to another thrilling and stimulating year ahead as West End continues to be a school where "children come first."

With warmest regards,

Dr. C. S. Lee

“The classroom should be an entrance into the world, not an escape from it.”
John Ciardi

Current News

West End Students Celebrate Black History Month

WE Celebrates Black History Month Photo 1 thumbnail164631
WE Celebrates Black History Month Photo 2 thumbnail164632
WE Celebrates Black History Month Photo 3 thumbnail164633
In honor of Black History Month, fourth and fifth grade students from West End Elementary School studied important black leaders during their library periods. Coordinated by Heather LaBarbera, library media specialist, each fourth grade class created large collage posters of leaders such as Ruby Bridges, Shirley Chrisholm, Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama and Booker T. Washington, while fifth graders conducted research on “unsung heroes.”

Following the creation of their colorful collage posters, the fourth graders researched their individual leader and wrote different facts about their assigned person to place around the portrait. Their completed work will be displayed in the school hallways. 

While researching “unsung heroes,” West End fifth graders compiled a portfolio on the background of their person, their hero’s impact on the world and what trials they had to face to make such a sacrifice. The students will later create a quilt square filled with similar information from their portfolios. Together, they will make a fifth grade Freedom Quilt of all the unsung heroes that were researched.

West End Students Spread Love This Valentine’s Day

West End Students Spread Love Photo thumbnail164622
Students from West End Elementary School recently followed their tradition of creating hundreds of Valentine’s Day cards for local veterans in nursing homes and hospitals as part of the Valentines 4 Vets program run by Town of Hempstead Councilman Anthony D’Esposito. Coordinated each year by West End teacher Amy Bruno, the handmade cards were made with love and showed the students’ appreciation for the veterans by thanking them for their service and wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day. 

The 100th Day of School

100th Day of School Photo 1 thumbnail164528
100th Day of School Photo 2 thumbnail164529
100th Day of School Photo 3 thumbnail164530
100th Day of School Photo 4 thumbnail164531
100th Day of School Photo 5 thumbnail164532
100th Day of School Photo 6 thumbnail164533
West End students participated in different activities to mark the 100th Day of School on Feb. 13. Some even dressed as 100-year-olds to mark the special occasion. It was a great day for all! 

West End’s Kindness Crew Strives to Make a Difference

West End’s Kindness Crew Strives to Make a Difference  thumbnail162413

Third graders in Marisa Amalfitano’s class at West End Elementary School are on a mission to spread kindness and positivity throughout their school this year. The class refers to themselves as the Kindness Crew and with the help of their teacher, finds new ways to brighten the day of students and staff. 

Connecting with the district’s theme of the year “A Community of Caring,” the class brainstormed ideas at the beginning of the school year on how they could achieve their goal to promote kindness and positivity. They read a book called “Words and Your Heart” by Kate Jane Neal and learned that words can be used to heal.

The class broke their ideas up into different missions and have already accomplished two this school year. For their first mission, the students created approximately 50 bookmarks with kind messages on them. They then hid the bookmarks in books throughout the school library. Students who visited the library were pleasantly surprised to receive a handmade bookmark courtesy of the Kindness Crew. 

The class recently participated in their second mission. Each student created 2-3 colorful posters filled with kind messages and positive quotes to be displayed in bathrooms across the school building. According to the students, if someone is having a difficult day, they can see the posters and hopefully feel better.  

“I hope they feel joyful when they see our posters,” said third grader Jiselle Johnson.

The Kindness Crew has enjoyed fulfilling their missions not only for others but for themselves. The activities allow the class to feel good about what they are doing. In the future, the Kindness Crew has plans to spread kind messages through surprise Post-its on classroom doors and a plan to host a special morning to brighten the day of students and staff. In the Spring, the class will write kind messages outside the school with chalk and cheer on students as they get dropped off at school. 

Although the class has their group missions of kindness, Mrs. Amalfitano said that she has witnessed each individual student perform their own acts of kindness on a daily basis. The class is truly embracing the Community of Caring theme and making a difference at West End Elementary School.  

Students Learn the Power of Teamwork

West End Islanders Assembly Photo 1 thumbnail162314
West End Islanders Assembly Photo 2 thumbnail162315
West End Islanders Assembly Photo 3 thumbnail162316
West End Islanders Assembly Photo 4 thumbnail162317
West End Islanders Assembly Photo 5 thumbnail162318
West End Islanders Assembly Photo 6 thumbnail162319
Students at West End Elementary School learned about the importance of teamwork with an engaging New York Islanders assembly! Sparky, the team's mascot, was also there to greet students. It was a great assembly! 

West End Students Perform Original Musical

West End Students Perform Original Musical photo thumbnail162080

Students at West End Elementary School recently performed their musical “The Champions of West End,” written by music teacher Mrs. Kruh. In line with Lynbrook’s districtwide theme this year, “A Community of Caring,” the storyline of the musical focused on West End students who come up with the idea to put on a show in order to raise money through ticket sales to buy food for the food pantry at Our Lady of Peace. The students did a fantastic job! 

West End Students Break Out Their Measuring Skills

Measuring Skills Photo 1 thumbnail161757
Measuring Skills Photo 2 thumbnail161758
Measuring Skills Photo 3 thumbnail161759
Second graders at West End Elementary School in Annmarie Roth’s science classes recently tested their measurement skills by participating in a Breakout EDU activity. The students were faced with a scenario asking them to help a zookeeper find his lost key for the zoo’s entrance while also taking care of the animals inside. The lesson was part of the school’s “Tech Free Day” which encouraged no technology.

Throughout the activity, the students measured paper animals such as cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and zebras in inches to determine how tall a fence should be to keep them safe inside the zoo. They also measured “stuffed animals” in the zoo’s gift shop from shortest to tallest in centimeters. Using the numbers from their measurements, the students were able to successfully open the lockbox and find the key to open the zoo.  

STEAM-Filled Fun at West End School

STEAM Filled Fun Photo 1 thumbnail161678
STEAM Filled Fun Photo 2 thumbnail161679
STEAM Filled Fun Photo 3 thumbnail161680
STEAM Filled Fun Photo 4 thumbnail161681
West End Elementary School students recently engaged in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) activities during their library and technology classes. Led by media specialist Heather LaBarbera, the students worked with green screens and Ozobots, a pocket-sized coding robot. Students in the Voyagers program made their own videos using green screens while first graders participated in “BotBowling” with their Ozobots and created a path for their robots during an activity called “Gingerbread Man Getting Home.” All the students had a great time exploring and learning! 

Tech Free Tuesday at West End School

Tech Free Tuesday Photo 1 thumbnail161561
Tech Free Tuesday Photo 2 thumbnail161562
Tech Free Tuesday Photo 3 thumbnail161563
Tech Free Tuesday Photo 4 thumbnail161564
West End students and staff celebrated Tech Free Tuesday on Jan. 21! Teachers dressed in 70's gear to mark the occasion. 

West End Students Celebrate Polar Express Day

Polar Express Day Photo 1 thumbnail149192
Polar Express Day Photo 2 thumbnail149193
Polar Express Day Photo 3 thumbnail149194
In honor of the winter season, first and second grade students from West End Elementary School celebrated Polar Express Day on Dec. 20. Students were encouraged to wear their pajamas to school as they visited different classrooms and participated in various STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) activities. This included putting their creativity to the test by creating snowflakes, penguins, snowmen and reindeer-directed drawings. The students had a great time!