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Lynbrook North Middle School Receives the Flag of Freedom from Military Mom

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Students at Lynbrook North Middle School received a special surprise on March 2. Master Sgt. Miriam Carpio-Hospedales from the United States Air Force visited the school to present an American Flag to the students and social studies teacher James O’Hara. Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales recently returned home from a six-month deployment in the middle east. Her son, Jared Hospedales, is a seventh grader at the school.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak, staff and local dignitaries including Lynbrook Mayor Alan Beach, Deputy Mayor Michael Hawxhurst, Police Chief Brian Paladino and Lynbrook VFW member Patrick Cardone, were present for the ceremony and each personally thanked Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales for her service.

Lynbrook North Middle School Principal Sean Fallon addressed the students as he spoke about the importance of helping others through volunteering or through a future career in the military. He also provided some background on Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales’ service. Mr. Fallon commended her for the personal sacrifices she has had to make, including being away from her family. 

“It’s hard to imagine taking that sacrifice on willingly and volunteering for it but without people like you, we don’t have the country that we have,” Mr. Fallon said to Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales. “So, from me to you, thank you so much for everything that you are doing.” 

Members of Lynbrook North Middle School’s select chorus students performed the Star Spangled Banner and Mr. Fallon invited Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales to the podium to share her story and the reason why she was there. She explained that before her deployment last year, Mr. O’Hara’s sixth grade social studies class, including her son Jared, wrote her thank you letters and offered words of encouragement. Jared and his classmates also took photos during a lesson on the American Flag. Mr. O’Hara delivered the letters and photos to Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales the night before she was deployed. During her deployment, she displayed all of the photos and letters from the students around her bed to remind her of home.

“It’s good to know that you live in a community where you take care of each other,” she said. “I didn’t have to worry about Jared, I didn’t have to worry about anything with school. You are all wonderful teachers and I cannot thank you enough for looking out for my son.” 

Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales presented an American Flag to Mr. O’Hara which was flown over Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Kuwait. She thanked him, the students and staff for all their support during her time of deployment and for everything they did for her son while she was away.  

Mr. O’Hara expressed his gratitude and reminded students of how important the American Flag is. He also recognized Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales’ son Jared for the sacrifices he has made. The kind gesture from Sgt. Carpio-Hospedales brought the school and community together. The American Flag is framed and will be on display in the school for all to see.

Lynbrook North Middle School Opens New Wellness Room

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Students at Lynbrook North Middle School are enjoying a new calming oasis in their building. The school’s Wellness Room was born at the start of 2020 after several students expressed a need for a calm space within the school building.
The project was spearheaded by School Psychologist Marie Toscano who wanted to meet the needs of students. After visiting two schools that created wellness or mindfulness spaces, Ms. Toscano was inspired to transform the school’s guidance room into a Wellness Room. The space previously consisted of a conference table and some shelving.
Bringing the Wellness Room to fruition was a team effort. Students volunteered to help bring the new space to life. This included decorating and painting the room with inspirational sayings and a soft white wave design on the walls. The school also received generous donations from Lynbrook families, community members, staff and the North Middle School PTA. One notable donation was from Lynbrook High School guidance counselor Jonathan Spector whose two large photographs, one of a beautiful sunset and the other of a wave crashing down, is mounted on a wall in the room. Both photographs symbolize the feeling of calmness and were perfect additions to the space.
“I want students to have a comfortable and safe place to go to during the day that they feel welcomed in whenever they need it,” said Ms. Toscano. “I also want them to feel supported by the guidance staff when they come down here and I hope that it makes their school experience an overall better experience, no matter who they are.”
The room is designed for all students to access throughout the day with many students visiting at the start of school and during lunch periods. The school’s guidance staff holds support groups in the space, which is what the room was utilized for previously, but now any students can reserve the room if they would like.
“It’s a nonjudgmental space,” said School Social Worker Sandra Gettenberg, who helped support Ms. Toscano with the project. “The students are practicing self-advocacy.”
Whether a student is stressed, anxious or just needs a moment to themselves, the room provides a variety of practices that students can employ to help them find more success in school. Along with the calming colors found throughout the space, the Wellness Room features dim lights, comfortable furniture, sensory tools and mindfulness activities such as coloring books and games.
“Kids are able to come in here and decompress because school is stressful,” said eighth grader Micala Dugger, who helped decorate the new space. “Sometimes people need an environment to just sit in because the cafeteria can be hectic. It has created a calming space for kids, and it will always be here.”  

Lynbrook North Middle School Celebrates Random Acts of Kindness Week

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The Lynbrook North Middle School Student Council, along with advisors Mrs. Ticas and Ms. Dic, hosted Random Acts of Kindness Week from Feb. 10-14. The goal of the week was to foster a positive school environment filled with kindness. To kick off the week, students and staff wore Lynbrook gear or green and gold to celebrate the community and were encouraged to thank a teacher or staff member. On Tuesday, students and staff wore red, white and blue and were encouraged to thank a first responder for their service. The following day the school community wore sports jerseys and thanked a coach or a mentor in their lives. On Thursday, the students and staff wore black to “Black Out Bullying” and were inspired to be upstanders throughout the day. To conclude the week, the school community wore red and showed their love and kindness toward one another. It was a great week to connect and for students and staff to show their appreciation for each other! 

Printmaking Pros

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Lynbrook North Middle School seventh graders in Janice Saraiva’s art class were recently introduced to the artistic process of printmaking. Printmaking is the transferring of images, normally to paper or fabric. Lynbrook students are typically introduced to printmaking in eighth grade but Mrs. Saraiva wanted to give her seventh graders a taste of this technique to prepare them for next year and high school art.

The classes were challenged to create a piece of art using one image that reflects popular culture, printed four different times. As inspiration, the students learned about pop art and American artist Andy Warhol who was known for using vibrant colors in his work. Each student picked a different image or logo that could be easily recognizable such as professional sports teams and popular companies. The students printed their image using the computer and traced it onto Styrofoam to create an impression. Using art rollers, they picked different colored ink to transfer their Styrofoam image onto small sheets of paper. Each student practiced making their print several different times and took their best four prints to use for their completed project. 

North Students Focus on Anti-Bullying Awareness

No Name Calling Week Photo thumbnail162345
Students and staff at Lynbrook North Middle School celebrated No Name-Calling Week from Jan. 27-31 as a mid-year reminder for students to practice kindness and respect. The important week is celebrated across the country by K-12 educators and students to end name-calling and bullying in schools.

Throughout the week, Lynbrook North Middle School students were asked to consider the difference between good-natured teasing and bullying and what they can do if they witness an incident of name-calling or bullying; problems that everyone must help to solve.  

“It may not be your fault that some students bully but if you ignore it, laugh at it or do nothing in response to the bullying that you witness, you may be part of the problem,” said school social worker Sandra Gettenberg. “Being an ally or friend to someone being picked on may feel uncomfortable or scary, but making our school a better place is everyone’s job.”