Summer Playground




***Parents -  Please take note of this CHANGE:

As of Wednesday, July 6th pick up and drop off will be from the Marion Street entrance near the parking lot.  Camper names and groups will be posted on the gates for your convenience until Friday.  If they wish, parents will be able to accompany their children to their groups in the morning and will be able to pick up their children from their groups at dismissal (12:00.)

This is a reminder that at 9:30  all gates to Marion Street Elementary school and at West End Elementary will be locked.  If you need to contact the nurse or supervisor at each site, please use the numbers listed on the calendars for each site.  You can access and print out the site calendars from the Lynbrook website as you did the registration forms.  

Remember also to read important information that is posted on the update section of summer playground on the website.

Remember to return the yellow emergency card that was given to your child.  Remember to send in a note to the head counselor of the group(s) that your child (children) is/are enrolled in stating which people are able to pick up your child/children other than yourself and if your child is permitted to return home by himself/herself or with an older sibling at the site.


Important Information

A) Summer Playground begins on July 5th at 9:00 am at both sites.

B) For the first few days there will be class lists posted at the Marion Street Entrance and in front of West End on Clark Avenue.

C)***Drop off and pick up will be caravan style at these entrances. It is important to write your family name and campers names and grades on a piece of paper and affix it on the passenger front right window. As you approach the entrance. Junior counselors will open the door and take your child to the appropriate line. Pick up is at 12:00 and will be conducted the same way. If you walk your child to the camp site, make your way to the entrance as you did in the morning and we will get your child and bring him to the car. Please do not get out of your vehicle since this will slow up the process. We want to keep the line moving. Please adhere to these instructions.

D) You will receive weekly update for the following week every Friday from your head counselors.

E) Be certain to look at and print out the calendar for your particular site. IT can be found on our Lynbrook website. This will show all daily special activities as well as field trips.

F) Permission slips will be required for all field trips. Send in the exact amount for the field trips. Do not send checks/cash only. Hopefully, everyone will participate in these field trips. If a camper does not attend, the camper can remain home or come to the site and be placed in another group for the day.

G) We will not apply sunscreen on your child. Please do that yourself in the morning before camp.

H) Be certain that your child brings a cap, appropriate pool shoes when going in the sprinklers (the turf and grass do get hot during the summer) and a beach towel.

I) Campers should bring snacks and a couple of bottles of frozen water every day in their backpack.

J) The Marion Street entrance will be locked after 9:15 am. To reach us at Marion Street for any reason please call 516-2500157. For West End please call 516-5231021

K) A phone connect message will be made for camp closures due to very inclement weather.

L) When the heat index approaches close to 90 degrees, campers will come off the field and take shelter i n the shade and/or come indoors.

M) Sprinklers will be available every day from 10 to 11 depending on the weather. See my note above (letter h).

N) Please check the update for summer playground on the Lynbrook website for particular announcements and information.

O) Out of safety and for security purposes, it is very important to submit in writing that you allow your child/children and give your permission that they can walk home from camp every day or are able to leave with his/her sibling or other children. This written note must be given to the camper’s head counselor.

P) Please submit any monies for field trips in cash. This should be returned along with permission slips.

By adhering to these directives, camp will run efficiently and smoothly for all.


Upcoming meetings for Summer Playground 8th grade volunteers

There will be a meeting for those 8th graders interested in being volunteers at this year's Lynbrook Summer Playground. The meeting will take place this Monday, May 23, at dismissal at South Middle School in room 112 and on Thursday, May 26, at dismissal at North Middle School in the GP room.

Lynbrook Summer Playground Program: Register by June 1

Registration for the Lynbrook Public Schools Summer Playground Program is now open to all Lynbrook School District resident children and all Village of Lynbrook resident children who will be entering grades K-8 in September 2022. The program will be held at West End Elementary School and Marion Street Elementary School from July 5 through August 12. Recreational activities and arts and crafts will be offered every day, Monday-Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The cost for the daytime program for all Lynbrook Public School residents is $230 per child. The cost for the daytime program for all Lynbrook Village residents (Lynbrook residents who pay school taxes to another district) is $260 per child.

Registration forms can be sent by mail (postmarked by June 1) or can be hand delivered to the Administration Building at 111 Atlantic Avenue. All registration and health forms are available on the district website and must be filled out by June 1, 2022, including a check or money order made payable to Lynbrook Public Schools and mailed to Lynbrook Summer Playground, c/o Lynbrook Public Schools, Administration Building, 111 Atlantic Avenue, Lynbrook, N.Y. 11563.

Please fill out separate forms for each child attending the program. This will allow for a smooth and efficient registration process for all who intend to register for the program. Those children attending private or parochial school, or another school district other than Lynbrook, must mail a copy of their immunization record, as well as proof of residency, with their registration.

After June 1, late registration forms and fees must be mailed to Lynbrook Summer Playground, 111 Atlantic Avenue, Lynbrook, N.Y. 11563. The late registration cost for the daytime program for all Lynbrook Public School residents is $260 per child. The late registration cost for the daytime program for all Lynbrook Village residents is $290 per child.

All registration checks will be cashed after July 1. Safety protocols including masking, sanitizing and social distancing will be adhered to. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Registration Packets