For information regarding transportation, contact:
Transportation Office
Phone Number: (516) 612-5490
Fax Number: (516) 887-8263
Transportation is currently provided for elementary school children, grades 1 to 5, living at a distance in excess of one mile; grades 6 to 8 at a distance in excess of two miles; and for secondary school students at a distance of at least three miles from school. 
All children enrolled in kindergarten will be eligible for transportation. It must be understood that bus stops for kindergarten change annually based on the residences of the newly-enrolled students. Stops may not repeat from one year to the next. 
Eligible private school children will be transported a maximum of 15 miles. Pupils qualifying for transportation service, whether public or nonpublic, must apply in writing to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools before April 1 of the preceding school year. New district residents must apply within 30 days of moving into the district.