"One to World" Tablet Initiative

Lynbrook Public Schools believe that digital learning is a vital component of the twenty-first century learning environment. As such, the district promotes its "One to World" tablet program every student. Each student will have the opportunity to utilize the Dell laptop in school and at home to extend their educational opportunities. Participation in the program will provide the students with the ability to:

  • individualize their learning experience
  • collaborate with peers
  • communicate with their teacher
  • develop skills for the 21st Century

Any questions about the program should be directed to Neil MacDermott.


What is required to participate in the One-to-World Program?

  • Completion of Acceptable Use form: Lynbrook Public Schools requires students to complete a Tablet User Agreement and Acceptable Use Policy.  Please send the completed document to your child's home school. 

Acceptable Use Form (English)

Acceptable Use Form (Spanish)


What is encouraged to participate in the One-to-World Program?

  • Payment of Theft and Vandalism Insurance Policy: Lynbrook Public Schools purchases an extended repair warranty that covers manufacturers defects and one device repair per calendar year. Any damages not covered by the repair warranty becomes the responsibility of the family. The district encourages families to purchase an insurance policy for vandalism and theft which are not covered by the repair warranty. Lynbrook is offering the option to pay for tablet insurance online in two ways:
    • ONLINE: Create your free MySchoolBucks account to conveniently securely pay for your child's tablet insurance from anywhere. Go to myschoolbucks.com or download the mobile app. Create your free account and add your students using their school name / student ID View cafeteria purchases and add funds using your credit / debit card or electronic check.
    • NON-DIGITAL FORMAT: If preferred, a family may complete the paperwork in the traditional paper format. Download/complete the Acceptable Use Policy, fill out a check made out to Lynbrook Public Schools for $27 (include your child's full name in the Memo field), and send the completed AUP and the check to the main office of your child's school.



For our youngest learners, the devices will travel back and forth to school for approximately two weeks. During that time, the teachers will familiarize the children with the basics of the laptop and the SeeSaw learning management system. After two weeks, the devices will go home and remain there until requested by the classroom teachers.


Grades 1-5

Each student in grades 1-5 will have a device assigned to them for the rest of the school year. They will use them in school and bring them home each day to continue their learning. They will have a protective case that will allow them to safely transport the device along with their power supply cord. Two purposes will be served by emulating the middle school program. They will have the chance to enhance their digital learning skills and they will have their tablet in hand in the event of an unforeseen school closure.


Taking Care of Your Tablet

  • Keep your eyes on your tablet. Avoid leaving it out, unattended.
  • Do not use the tablet near food or liquids.
  • When carrying the device, always use two hands.
  • When not using the tablet, always keep it in a case.
  • Keep the keyboard and screen clean by washing your hands before using.
  • Do not place objects on top of the tablet.