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Thank you for visiting Lynbrook's Voyager Information Page. On this page will be important information about the program philosophy, its identification process and its instructional goals. 

Program Description

Program Description
Lynbrook’s Voyager Program is designed to identify and meet the instructional needs of qualifying students in grades 4 and 5. This program is part of the district’s continuum of services available to students who need services and activities not ordinarily provided by the school in order to more fully develop their academic capabilities. These students will participate in activities to foster collaboration, communication and analysis, and research and presentation skills through project-based activities.

A centralized instructional space at West End will be designated for the Voyager Program. Students from Marion Street and Waverly Park will be picked up from their home schools on their scheduled days and transported to West End to attend the program. School buses will transport the students back to their home schools for dismissal.   


Testing Protocol for 2019
As there will be no third grade students in the Voyager Program in 2019-2020, there will be no screening process for students in second grade. There is an existing cohort of identified students progressing into fourth grade and fifth grade, so universal screening will not be necessary this spring. However, any parent of a current third or fourth grader interested in having his/her child evaluated for participation in next year’s program must submit a letter to Neil MacDermott (9 Union Avenue, Lynbrook, NY 11563) by Friday, March 15th.

Testing Protocol for 2020 and Beyond
Since the Voyager Program will begin in the fourth grade, the CogAT will be administered as a universal screening for all third grade students during the spring. All students attaining the requisite minimum score on the CogAT will be recommended to participate in a second assessment the SAGES-2. Those students that surpass the score established by the district will be invited to join the 4th grade Voyager program in the fall of the next school year. If a student does not qualify in fourth grade, a parent may write a letter requesting that his/her student sit for the universal screening. All such letters must be submitted to Neil MacDermott (9 Union Avenue, Lynbrook, NY 11563) by the last day of February. 


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Contact Information

Neil MacDermott - Administrative Liaison for Lynbrook's Voyager Program

To contact by traditional mail:
Lynbrook Senior High School
Attn: Neil MacDermott
9 Union Avenue 
Lynbrook, NY 11563