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Waverly Park promotes inclusivity for Autism Acceptance Month

Waverly Park Elementary School students stepped into the shoes of their peers with disabilities by completing tasks that mimicked sensory impairment on April 19. thumbnail257684
Students tried to communicate without using any words.  thumbnail257685
Students tried to communicate without using any words.  thumbnail257686
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Lynch visited Waverly Park to join the Autism Acceptance Month celebration.  thumbnail257687
The Waverly Park Elementary School community in the Lynbrook School District stood as one to promote empathy and acceptance in celebration of Autism Acceptance Month.

Coordinated by the school’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee and SEPTA parents, Waverly Park classes took time to step into the shoes of their peers who experience disabilities related to autism on April 19. Students participated in a variety of experiences that boosted their empathy and understanding of those who have sensory difficulties. For example, using a communication board used by fellow students with special needs, students shared what was on their mind without saying any words. They also experienced the difficulties of completing certain tasks, such as writing their names or picking up coins, while their vision and motor functions were impaired. Classes also held several discussions and watched a series of videos about disabilities. With students’ strong understanding of their peers’ point of view, Waverly Park remains an inclusive and welcoming school for all.

Date Added: 4/26/2024

Lynbrook students named PTA Reflections winners

Six Lynbrook elementary school students were named winners in the annual PTA Reflections competition.  thumbnail257683

Six elementary school students in the Lynbrook School District were named winners in the annual PTA Reflections competition. The students were honored during the April 16 board of education meeting.
West End Elementary School students Mickey Moylan and Avery Thienachariya, Marion Street Elementary School students Charlotte Horowitz and Amelia Silverman and Waverly Park Elementary School student Thomas Rutino were named Nassau Region finalists in the competition. In addition, Drexel Farr was named a New York State Merit Award winner. The district congratulates these talented young minds.

Date Added: 4/25/2024