Learning Continues in Lynbrook with Right At School

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Approximately 200 elementary students from the Lynbrook Public Schools participate in Right At School, a structured and safe after-school program that is housed at Marion Street, Waverly Park and West End elementary schools. The district partnered with Right At School three years ago to provide working parents in the district with an after school program fit to keep students engaged after regular school hours.
The program is open to students in grades K-5 and is held Monday through Friday each week. Students participate in the program at their home school, while kindergarten students are bused from the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center to the elementary school that they will attend in first grade. Led by hardworking Right At School educators, students follow a daily schedule which includes snack, quick and fun fitness, homework help, enrichment activities and more.
“My favorite part of Right At School is being with the educators because they are really funny and nice,” said West End fourth grader Sophia Kostkowicz.
According to Cindy Walker, Right At School area manager, the goal of the program is to keep students fully engaged at all times while learning through play. Each week, students enjoy being with their friends, completing their homework before going home and participating in fun games. Fifth graders who attend the program also have the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills as they help younger groups with activities. To learn more about Right At School in the Lynbrook Public Schools, please visit the After-School Program page here. 

Students Give Back with “Peds for Peru” Drive

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Students and staff from the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center and Waverly Park Elementary School recently teamed up to host a “Peds for Peru” drive. Together, the school communities collected more than 220 pairs of shoes to donate to students in need at the Primaria 50896 San Isidro Labrador Publica in Huayllabamba, Peru.
Connecting with the district’s 2019-2020 theme of the year, A Community of Caring, this fundraiser was one of many service projects that Lynbrook students participate in throughout the school year to give back. 

Kindergartners Ease into New School Year

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In preparation for the first day of school, the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center hosted two open houses for new kindergarten students and their families on Aug. 29. The students arrived to the building on school buses with their loved ones by their side as Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak and Principal Ellen Postman warmly greeted each of them.
The kindergarten center facilitates this event at the end of every summer to help the young students become comfortable with their new learning environment and meet their classmates before the first day of school. While carrying their backpacks, the students visited their new classrooms with their loved ones and unpacked their school supplies. They also participated in activities and read books with the help of those from the Right At School After-School Program.  

Ready for First Grade

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The Lynbrook Kindergarten Center’s Class of 2019 proudly took the stage at Lynbrook High School for their graduation ceremony on June 24. The graduates dressed to impress in their class colors as they celebrated the end of their Kindergarten experience.

Principal Ellen Postman reflected on the students’ time at the school and all the friendships that were formed throughout the school year. 

“Their circle of friends began to grow from their first day in school,” she said. “At the end of this week the children will move on to Marion Street, West End and Waverly Park. However, the special memories of Kindergarten will remain with them forever.” 

Board trustee Alicemarie Bresnihan congratulated the young students and their families on the milestone occasion. Together, the graduates performed a choral poem titled “Kindergarten” and several other songs for loved ones, the district’s central administration, board of education members and faculty.

Music teacher Madeline Jabin received special recognition during the ceremony for her upcoming retirement. Members of the Parents Club and Principal Postman thanked Mrs. Jabin for her commitment to the students of Lynbrook. 

After officially announcing the graduating class of 2019, each class took a final bow on stage with their teachers as proud family and friends cheered. 


BOE Celebrates Staff and Students as School Year Draws to a Close

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During the Lynbrook Public Schools Board of Education meeting on June 12, the community gathered to celebrate several tenure recipients, appointments, student and staff awards and a special retiree. Districtwide updates were also shared throughout the evening. 

The first award was presented to West End Elementary School second grader Lucas Pollin. He was selected as the winner of the district’s first Summer Reading Logo Contest. Pollin’s cheery sun logo will represent this summer’s program. The board also approved 11 tenure recipients comprised of teachers and teacher aides who have shown their drive and commitment to the students of Lynbrook. Board President William Belmont announced each recipient which resulted in cheers from fellow colleagues and community members. The district also appointed five new staff members and recognized an upcoming retiree. Marion Street Elementary School head custodian Robert Gersitz was praised for his 22 years of service to the district. He received a plaque from the board and Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melissa Burak. 

In addition, Kevin Herbst from KLH Fire Safety presented the district’s fire inspection report. Herbst did the inspection on May 8 and stated that he found the schools to be in compliance with fire regulations. During the report from trustees, President Belmont thanked the community on re-electing him and trustee Heather Hanson, and for passing the budget. Board Vice President Lesli Deninno shared the audit committee’s report. She stated that the committee discussed the audit financial statements for June 30. This audit is required by New York State and the committee reviewed a draft of the 2019 internal audit. The auditors complimented Lynbrook on being top notch. 

During the Superintendent’s Report, Dr. Burak shared with the community that in order to cut down the summer mailing, the district would be slowly rolling out an online demographic update. Dr. Maureen Berman, assistant superintendent for personnel, transportation and student support services, has been training families at the elementary school level since they have not utilized PowerSchool yet. Dr. Burak mentioned that the district will be moving toward an online portal districtwide next year where families can update their basic demographic information themselves which should in turn, improve accuracy.

She also shared that the district’s next Reunification Drill will be in October. A letter will be sent out as the date draws closer to remind families to update their emergency contact lists. Although the district will be moving toward the online portal, Dr. Burak noted that the schools still need paper copies of these contacts just in case technology is inaccessible during an emergency.   

Dr. Paul Lynch, assistant superintendent for finance, operations, and information systems, updated the community on the district safety plan. He explained to the community that there are two committees that determine the safety plan. Those on the district committee meet four times a year to look at safety from the big perspective of the district. The idea for the security vestibules was established from these members. Last week, the committee fully reviewed the district level safety plan which can be found here. Dr. Lynch explained that the plan examines how the district approaches emergency response. During the review process, the principals and committee members provided feedback. Once the data is pulled together, it will be published on the district website for a 30-day period of review. He encouraged the community to read next year’s plan once it is posted to the website and to send feedback to the district. If there are no issues, the board will adopt the plan at the August board of education meeting. Dr. Lynch also reminded the community that some of the safety plans, such as the school level plans, are highly confidential. 

Dr. Gerard Beleckas provided a curriculum update for the community. The curriculum guides are being updated at the elementary schools and staff have been preparing to work on the Voyager Flight School ‘enrichment for all’ curriculum during the summer. In addition, Dr. Beleckas spoke about the annual Title Grant meeting. He informed the community on the history of Title 1, currently known now as the Every Student Succeeds Act. In accordance with the act, the district and parent representatives have written and will annually be revising a written family engagement policy. The information will be made available to all students and their families in the Title 1 schools.  

“As we continue to work with them, we will continue to revise that plan to promote academic equality and assist with the needs of those children,” said Dr. Beleckas. 

Following Dr. Beleckas’ report, Dr. Lynch returned to update the community on districtwide projects. Installation of the security vestibules is currently taking place at Marion Street Elementary School, Lynbrook South Middle School and Lynbrook North Middle School. Work on the security vestibules at West End and the Kindergarten Center will start at the beginning of July. Dr. Lynch stated that all vestibules will be completed by the end of the summer. At the last board of education meeting, James Saitta, director of facilities, presented on the security protocols and how these vestibules will work. Dr. Lynch shared that the district reviewed a draft of these protocols with members of the PTA. A letter will be sent home informing families of the new system and the protocols will be included in the 2019-2020 district calendar.
Dr. Lynch also provided a bond update. Next week, the district will sell its first bond anticipation note, borrowing its first $7 million dollars which will fund the following projects: North Middle School locker room and air conditioning in the gymnasium, South Middle School locker room and air conditioning in the gymnasium, Atlantic Avenue wrestling room and air conditioning in the gymnasium and air conditioning in the gymnasium at Waverly Park. Capital projects that will be underway include five bathrooms and a locker room at Marion Street and a bathroom at West End. In-house projects which will not require contractors will consist of classroom construction at Marion Street and Waverly Park. There will also be another classroom added to the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center.