Lynbrook High School

Honor Societies




National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization which attempts to recognize the most outstanding high school students in the country.  To gain admittance to the National Honor Society a careful process of selection has been set up.  The process begins at midyear.  Sophomores and Juniors are eligible to apply.  Students are to have a least a 90% cumulative average.  This places the student in the uppermost brackets of the individual’s class.  The qualities of leadership, character and service are most important as well.  Participation in school as well as community organizations will satisfy the service requirements.  These are the cornerstones of membership in the National Honor Society.  Our main service activity is our high school tutoring program.  The membership also seeks to enhance its intellectual growth through participation in educational and cultural experiences during the course of the year.  The highlight of the year is the National Honor Society Convocation which honors current member and those who have been elected as new members of the society.  It is recommended  that if you are considering membership or if you are already a member, you should work hard and strive to keep up your average.  Strengthen your character and leadership skills and get involved in school and community related activities and clubs.