Waverly Park Elementary School

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Belief Statement

Waverly Park School
As a Community of Learners We Believe That…

1.Every child can learn.
2.Every child is unique and has different learning needs and styles. Teaching will be differentiated to meet every child's needs.
3.Every child feels safe, comfortable and valued.
4.Learning is a life-long activity.
5.Learning takes place when a child is interested, engaged and involved.
6.Learning is supported when activities are cooperative and interdisciplinary.
7.Children learn best when instruction is inquiry-based, child centered, hands-on, interactive and promotes a growth mindset.
8.Teachers will encourage the talents, passions and interests of each child.
9.Humor is a catalyst for learning
10.Diversity will be celebrated and nurtured.

“All children will be provided a physically and emotionally safe environment where they can feel comfortable and valued; and where their diversity, talents, interests and needs are nurtured and celebrated.”