Veteran Shares His Story with Marion Street Students

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In honor of Veterans Day, Marion Street first grader Kimberly Nugent in Claudia Hetzel and Joanna Cooney’s class welcomed her father, Timothy Nugent, a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, to speak with her class on Nov. 10. He wore his uniform proudly and led a virtual meeting with the first graders to discuss his experience in the military.

Mr. Nugent decided to join the military after Sept. 11, 2001. He chose the Coast Guard due to his passion for swimming and his childhood memories of seeing the military boats in the ocean. Mr. Nugent began boot camp in Feb. 2002. He emphasized that rigor training taught him discipline and respect. Mr. Nugent was in active duty from 2002-2006. In 2017, he left his family and was sent to Puerto Rico to help those who were impacted by the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.

“Military veterans must face sacrifices, but we are proud to serve and protect the people and freedom of our country,” said Mr. Nugent.

The authentic learning experience gave the students awareness of the important role that veterans play in our everyday lives. Mr. Nugent’s photographs and stories helped the students understand the concept of what it means to serve the country. The classroom was silent with curiosity as he spoke passionately about his role in the military. The first graders asked questions and wrote thank you cards to show gratitude for the sacrifices he endured to protect our freedoms.

“This will be a beautiful memory for the class, especially for Kimberly,” said Mrs. Hetzel.

The Lynbrook School District thanks Mr. Nugent for his service.