The Bern Seiderman Gallery Online Exhibit: “Design a Line”

November 2020 Online Art Gallery Design a Line Graphic thumbnail178081
The Bern Seiderman Gallery is proud to present its first online Gallery Exhibit for the 2020-2021 school year entitled “Design a Line.” The work on display features the amazing T-shirt surface designs and board layouts from Mrs. Goulet's Fashion Design students. 

For the project, students used printmaking techniques to create their backgrounds and then found graphics and other images from magazines to embellish their designs further. They created many options and then edited them to create their “line.” In addition to designing their line, the students designed a hang tag to create their brand identity. Through this project, the students learned the importance of creating their clothing line in a preview “board” form in order to get feedback from the customer and to make changes before any samples are made. 

Following this work, the students will illustrate their garments on the figure using fashion croquis. Please take a moment to look through at and share with friends and family this month's Online Gallery featuring “Design a Line.” 

Gallery Video Presentation: