The Bern Seiderman Gallery Online Exhibit: "2020 Gets Coal"

December Online Gallery 2020 Gets Coal Photo thumbnail178784
The Bern Seiderman Gallery is proud to present December’s online gallery exhibit, “2020 Gets Coal.”  While every year typically has a few bad moments, the past 12 months have contained far too many! From the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian wildfires and the recent passing of beloved Jeopardy host Alex Tribec, 2020 has found itself on the bad list! This month the Bern Seiderman Gallery has brought together a variety of Lynbrook Artists to give 2020 Coal!

A few weeks ago, an open call went out to all our local artists to submit charcoal drawings for this month’s show. The response was great! “2020 Gets Coal” features more than 20 Charcoal drawings submitted by Lynbrook students in grades 6-12, community members, alumni, and staff. This includes three of Lynbrook’s alumni including Lyndsey Ostroff, Sami Ratner and LHS’s own Mr. Lentini who helped to give 2020 the coal it deserves. Each work of art has carefully been rendered in compressed and vine charcoal. All the participants have varying ability levels and experience with the medium. The artwork on display also varies in subject matter and includes drawings of still lifes, animals, botanicals and portraits. Please enjoy “2020 Gets Coal” by visiting the Bern Seiderman Gallery Online at