Virtual Enterprise Students Garner Success with Fit Kit Business

Virtual Enterprise Students Garner Success with Fit Kit Business thumbnail179177

Virtual Enterprise students from Lynbrook High School were among the hundreds nationwide who exhibited their simulated business, Fit Kit, at Virtual Enterprises’ first National Online Trade Show on Dec. 10. The event connected students, firms and industry professionals to facilitate sales of virtual products and services through video conference sale sessions.

More than 80 simulated businesses created in high schools across 11 states participated in the event run by VE, a national educational nonprofit that annually provides more than 16,500 students with the opportunity to create and run virtual business ventures in 430 schools across the country. Through the program, students create a business together, role-play corporate positions, conduct transactions with other simulated businesses, attend trade shows and run the business as if it were real. Admission to the eight-hour trade show was free of charge and provided guests with virtual credit cards that were used to purchase the students’ products and services. Through trade booths created on Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx and other platforms, students spoke with buyers in real time about their businesses.

With the leadership of VE teacher Dr. Benedict Tieniber, the Lynbrook High School students created the business, Fit Kit, a company dedicated to helping people reach their fitness and health goals. During the current pandemic, at home workouts and healthy eating has become essential. The goal of the company is to guide people into a healthier and happy lifestyle for whatever their fitness goal is. During the event, the students generated more than $220,000 in sales.

“Being a part of virtual enterprise is one of the greatest learning experiences I have gotten out of high school in the five months of being in the class,” said Fit Kit Chief Executive Officer and LHS senior Natalia Leszczak. “The trade shows allow me and my classmates to see what it would really be like trying to sell our products to customers. You need to know everything about the products and company.”

It has been a successful year thus far for Fit Kit. In October, the Fit Kit team participated in VE’s National Elevator Pitch Competition and received honorable mention. In November, the students took part in the National Design for Delight and Company Branding Competition. They earned honorable mention in the Design for Delight Competition and reached the top 25% for the Company Branding Competition. Currently, the students are participating in the National Finance, Human Relations, QuickBooks and Marketing competitions.

As a result of the Fit Kit team’s hard work and determination, the students were asked to create the welcome video for VE’s Long Island Trade Show. Furthermore, after the success of their first video, VE asked the Fit Kit team to create the welcome video for the first National Online Trade Show, which was viewed by more than 12,000 people the day of the competition.

“Throughout the year, my students learn not only how to run a business in this year-long simulation, but also learn the skills needed to be successful in all aspects of life such as collaboration, communication, delegation, leadership, organizational skills and time management,” said Dr. Tieniber. “They overcame many barriers this year and I am incredibly proud of them.”