New Year, New Mindset

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To kick-start 2021, West End Elementary School students embarked on mindfulness adventures guided by school library media specialist Heather LaBarbera. Each grade began learning foundational vocabulary such as mindfulness, peace, tranquility and positive self-talk. They were also led into meditative and yoga practices, explored breathing tools and learned to practice positive self-talk to build upon their self-love.
As part of their mindfulness activities, fourth grade classes participated in the One Word Project. After receiving a list of words, each student selected a word that resonated the most with them and designed a large label of their word for their own daily recall. They were encouraged to decorate the word with bright colors to instill calm, happiness and peace within themselves. The students then placed their word on or in their desk or in another spot where they would see it each day.
“In lieu of a New Year Resolution activity, I wanted to allow the students to build in a mindful manner and obtain the responsibility of choice in choosing ‘their word,’” said Ms. LaBarbera. “The students completed this activity after completing a Kahoot! to introduce the new vocabulary such as ‘positive self-talk’ and ‘mindfulness.’”
The One Word Project allowed West End fourth graders to bring this vocabulary to life and self-reflect as they take on the new year ahead.