Lynbrook Kindergartners Embrace Black History Month

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Throughout the month of February, students at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center celebrated Black History Month. Classes learned about noteworthy Black artists, athletes and inventors, and participated in projects related to the individual of study. All students learned about American poet Amanda Gorman, traffic light inventor Garrett Morgan, ice cream scoop inventor Alfred Cralle and potato chip inventor George Crum.

During physical education classes, P.E. teacher Joshua Berlin led the kindergartners on an exploration of famous Black athletes such as Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson and Wilma Rudolph. In addition, classes read a variety of children’s books to celebrate Black History Month including “Jabari Jumps” by Gaia Cornwall, “Saturday” by Oge Mora, “Thank You, Omu!” by Oge Mora and “The Other Side” by Jacqueline Woodson. Through these engaging lessons, the Lynbrook kindergartners developed a better understanding of Black History Month and Black individuals who have made a positive impact on the world.