Virtual Enterprise Class Welcomes 2019-2020 Executive Board

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Dr. Benedict Tieniber’s virtual enterprise class at Lynbrook High School is in full swing this year! After an extensive interview process with assistant principals Matthew Sarosy and Salvatore Brescia, positions for the class have recently been selected. Students put their professional skills to the test as they endured mock interviews, composed cover letters and resumes, and topped it all off by coming to class decked out in their business formal dress. Prior to the official mock interviews, Mr. Finder, Mrs. Hanley, Mrs. Marr, Mrs. Scorcia and Mr. Cornicello volunteered their time to help prepare the students for their mock interviews.

The interviews allowed the executive board to be determined for their company, Checkmate, a financial help app that will track subscriptions, personal finances, and stocks to help manage customer’s savings. Students boasted about the innovative technology that will not only save customer’s money but that will also help them use it through suggesting recommendations on investments and money management.

Students are currently in the process of composing elevator pitches to prepare for future competitions, one being an online competition which was held on Oct. 7. Students excitedly prepared by pitching their product to anyone and everyone that would listen.

The virtual enterprise course is an elective offered to Lynbrook students in grades 10-12. The international program enables students to accrue business experience through real life simulations. Those who complete the course are eligible to receive up to nine credits from Farmingdale State College.

Congratulations to the following virtual enterprise students on their new “Checkmate” positions: Jane Hoeflinger, chief executive officer; Gabriella Campo-Peyru and Jared Morieda, co-chief financial officers; Kyle Serro, chief operating officer; Alex Sylvia and Ethan Marcus, co-vice presidents of communications; Leo Sola, vice president of graphics/IT; Jake Belmont and Jolie Gutstein, vice presidents of sales and marketing.

The students will put “Checkmate” to the test as they participate at their first live elevator pitch competition on Oct. 25 at LIU Post.