Hoopin’ Around at Lynbrook South Middle School

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English teacher Jamy O’Rourke channeled her passion for hula-hooping into a new after school club at Lynbrook South Middle School this year. She established a Hula Hoop club at the beginning of the school year which is open to all Lynbrook South Middle School students and staff who want to have fun, learn something new and stay active. 

The club meets once a week and currently has approximately 25 members signed up. At the start of each meeting, members watch tutorial videos together about different hula hooping techniques. They are invited to bring their own hula hoops or can buy one for $5 from O’Rourke during the meetings. The club then gathers outside, if the weather permits, to practice their new skills. Although the club is still relatively new, it has become a success. Each week the members try something new such as the “lasso” and the “escalator” with their hula hoops.
“I think others should join this club because it’s really fun to hula hoop,” said sixth grader Alex Erazo. “We get to learn new things and make new friends.”

Mrs. O’Rourke encourages her hoopers to find new video tutorials to share with the rest of the club. She also continues learning herself as she started taking an adult education class in Long Beach all about hula hooping. Staff members are encouraged to not only join the club after school with the students but are also encouraged to hula hoop during their lunch breaks with Mrs. O’Rourke. The hope is to spread the fun activity with as many students and staff as possible.