Writing Workshop Sparks Creativity for Lynbrook Kindergartners

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Kindergarten students in Kristen Keane’s class at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center participated in an engaging writing lesson on Nov. 21 as part of their unit on show and tell. The lesson was based on the Teachers College for Writing Workshop. Teachers at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center have worked closely with staff developers at Teachers College to help them strengthen their focus on writing in the classroom.

Before putting their pencil to paper, students in Ms. Keane’s class sat on the carpet and discussed the writing task before them. The kindergartners were asked to think about some of their favorite places and parts that related to their place of interest. For example, their classroom at the Lynbrook Kindergarten Center and what items are in the room. The students then returned to their seats to create their own show and tell book all about their favorite place.

The lesson taught students that they do not need to bring in a physical show and tell item to write show and tell books. Students learned that if you want to write about a huge topic, it often helps to write a whole book on it. This includes writing and drawing parts of their story on each page. Students enjoyed illustrating their favorite places and labeling the parts in their books. Afterward, the kindergartners eagerly shared their books with a partner in their class.